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Cubbie & Rappie (male & female lions)

Cubbie, a male lion (passed away February 2012), came to EFRC in 1997. He was a little over two years old & had gotten too big for his owner to take care of. He had been kept in a town near EFRC in a small pen with a five-foot-high fence & no roof! It is amazing that he never escaped. Rappie, a female lion, arrived in December 1996, when she was 4-6 months old. Found tied up in a woodshed, Rappie was underweight & malnourished, with severe facial lacerations. She had been seized by the authorities in Lima, Ohio and taken to the local humane society. The society contacted EFRC after seeing the center on the television show, "Inside Edition". For several years Cubbie lived next to Koshka (a female tiger) and Rappie. When Koshka died in 2004, Rappie was moved in with Cubbie. They immediately took to each other, and Cubbie now spends a lot of his time defending her from visitors. He couldn't be happier!


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