Chloe's Cubs (the Bears) Débuted in September 2013

Five female cubs are the newest addition to the EFRC family.  In April 2013 we went to northern Wisconsin to rescue four tigers from a roadside zoo that was closed.  One of the tigers named Chloe came pregnant.  In mid-June (6/22/13) she gave birth to 5 healthy cubs (Bailey, Claire, Koala, Kizmin, and Munka).

The cubs are currently on display after your public tour, there is no general public direct interaction with the cubs.  The cubs’ safety & well-being and the safety of our guests are our primary concerns.  Come and visit - watch the sisters play and play and eat and play and play and sleep and play and play a bit more!

Also enjoy Stephen McCloud’s photos of The Bears - Chloe’s cubs and the other felines that call the EFRC home. 

Bailey-Cub photos   

3 months old (sept.20 2013)  

  3 months old (sept.19 2013)   

15 weeks old (oct 5 2013)  

17 weeks old (oct 27 2013) 

6 months old (dec.26 2013)  

7 months (jan 20 2014)

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