Idaville Seven May 2012
Our Newest Feline Family Needs YOU!

On May 29, 2012, the EFRC took in nine new residents: four tigers, one lioness, one puma, one bobcat and two wolfdogs that were seized by the Department of Natural Resources from a facility in Idaville Indiana.  

The wolfdogs have relocated to Black Pines in northern Indiana while the remaining seven cats have found a new forever home at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.  Porky the bobcat, Missy the lioness, Raja Boy the puma and Tigger, Vaughn, Kendra and Kiera the tigers all need your support for their continued care (and so does the EFRC).

Thank-you for everything YOU continue to do to ensure these beautiful cats have an enriched life at the EFRC!

Read about the conditions our new feline friends lived in prior to coming to the EFRC.
The following articles have more information about the rescues:
Photos of the rescue.

Meet some of our New Residents




Thank-you for your continued support!

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