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November 2013 E-News

Nov 1, 2013


Join us on November 2 at 12:00 pm for our annual EFRC Pumpkin Party. Witness a tiger or lion playing with a meat-filled pumpkin. Make sure to bring your hollowed-out pumpkins and we will gladly fill them with meat. This happens but once a year, so join us for a fun-filled pumpkin party and do not forget your camera.

During this month of November the Exotic Feline Rescue Center is looking back at everything we are thankful for in 2013.

10.   Our wonderful volunteers who dedicate hours of their time to the rescue center.
9.   Our dedicated keepers who care for the BIG CATS no matter the weather.
8.   Our supporters who always answer the call to help the BIG CATS.
7.   Our farmers, hunters and others that provide feed for our 230 BIG CATS.
6.   Our thousands of visitors who come out to enjoy time with the BIG CATS.
5.   Our Director and Assistant Director who devote their lives to the BIG CATS.
4.   Our livestock retriever, construction employees and other employees who work tirelessly to maintain the rescue center.
3.   Our beautiful female tiger cubs that are full of non-stop energy. Make sure to plan a visit to observe the cubs roughhousing. We assure you that you will leave with a smile on your face.
2.   Our BIG CATS and the joy they bring staff, volunteers, supporters and visitors.
1.   Marrisa Dub’s recovery and return to work.

Kerry Lennoitz is our newest employee at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. Kerry attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a Biochemistry degree. During her college years, Kerry completed two internships at the rescue center during the summers of 2007 and 2008. She has chosen to come back to the EFRC because she enjoys working with exotic felines, especially abused, abandoned and neglected felines. Kerry is enjoying learning the wide range of the BIG CAT personalities. When you visit, please say hello to our newest staff member.

We are happy to introduce a new cat to our public tour. Although he is new to the tour, he is not a recent addition to our rescue Center. Raja Boy arrived in summer 2012 from a northern Indiana facility that had lost its USDA license. When you encounter Raja Boy you will notice that he is missing his tail and suffers from arthritis. Although his appearance can be a bit unsettling, your attention will be stolen by the most joyous puma you will ever meet. You will never visit Raja Boy without hearing him purr or hearing him ‘talk’. When you depart from Raja Boy’s enclosure, you will leave with a smile.


Thank-you for your continued support!

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