Our Wish List

There are many ways to make an impact at the EFRC in caring for our exotic cats.  Every year, the EFRC is fortunate to receive various kinds of philanthropy from our friends. 

If you have the capability and interest to provide us with anything from our wish list, our cats will be grateful.  Gifts of property, such as listed below, may be tax deductible.  Please check with your tax professional on this matter.

 Current Wish List

  • Stepladder, fiberglass, 8ft and 12ft
  • Golf Cart
  • Construction grade wheelbarrows
  • 6' or 8' White Plastic Rectangular Folding Table
  • Folding Chairs
  • Rubbermaid 18 gallon Roughneck totes/tubs
  • Chicken leg quarters
  • Horse Fly Traps (visit here for more information)
  • Boomer Balls (our cats play with these; the 10" and larger.  You can receive a 10% discount if you tell them it is a gift for the EFRC)
  • Office supplies - stamps, HP Ink 61 or 61XL (black & tri-color), HP Ink 951 or 951XL (all colors), Epson Ink black & colors #98 or #99, flash drives
  • Cat Litter (non clumping)
  • Bleach
  • Gravel
  • Cement
  • Plywood
  • Telephone Poles
  • Lumber


If you have anything you think we could use, but it's not on our list... just give us a call and ask. 


 Thank You!


Thank you for your continued support!

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(812) 835-1130.
Closed Mondays,   Open Tues-Sun  10-5 
$10/adults  $5/children 12 & under
Guests are NOT permitted to touch, pet or
interact with EFRC cats.