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2014 New York Rescue

May 26 - 29, 2014:  The EFRC was one of several organizations that participated in a seizure of more than twenty exotic animals from a facility called JNK-Call of the Wild Sanctuary in New York.  One of the two owners passed away several months ago and the sanctuary lost both their federal and state licenses making it necessary to find new homes for the residents.

The Rescue Center took six tigers during the rescue.  Four of the tigers appeared underweight, two have cataracts and several have dental problems.  While all of the tigers successfully arrived at the Rescue Center, a small male died the morning after the return.  The animal was necropsied to determine the exact cause of death.  He had a heart condition and died of cardiac failure.

The New York Rescue took four days.  A team of five left the Rescue Center on Monday (Memorial Day); arriving in New York at 1:30 in the morning then attended a 6:00am briefing Tuesday.  The JNK facility was in shambles.  The enclosures were pitifully small, covered in flies, smelling like rotten meat.  By late Wednesday afternoon the tigers that would now call the EFRC home were loaded and ready for transport.  After another long drive, the EFRC team arrived in Center Point at 1:30am Thursday with the new residents (they sure do like those early morning arrivals).

Video of the rescue taken by IFAW: 


The new EFRC tigers are all off-tour.  Three siblings (Apollo, Sebastian, Shantel) will share a recently completed new enclosure located in “the field”.  Magic & Mystic have moved into an existing enclosure that was extensively renovated.

Sebastian is scheduled for eye surgery on Wednesday June 18th and the dental work is being scheduled.  

While you may not see these new EFRC residents when you come for a regular Center tour, they too need your love and support.   Anything you can give to help with their ongoing care would be greatly appreciated.

We also have a new serval resident Simba.  He just came to the Center from Ohio in May.  On your next tour of the Center, he’s one of the first residents you’ll meet.  He’d love to hiss hello as you begin your tour.  

Please include name and address of honoree in special instructions so we know who to contact about your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for your continued support!

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