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The Munchkins

Born: Unknown Came to the EFRC: August 2000 From: Pennsylvania Names & Species: Male lions: Petey, Josh Female lion: Elsa Male tiger: Rolo Female tigers: Tabitha (currently on tour), Sabrina, Isabella In August 2000, we traveled to Water Wheel Exotics in Pittsburgh, PA expecting to rescue 2 or 3 lions. The neglect & abuse found there was beyond belief. In a dark basement with no food, no water & the strong stench of urine & feces, there were three lions & four tigers in four 5'x5' cages. The seven cats were severely malnourished, dehydrated & apparently left to die. They weighed 50-80 pounds instead of the 200-250 pounds they should have weighed at their age. Fearing that none of the cats would survive, we loaded them in the truck & headed back home. The USDA arrived the next morning to asess the cats. In addition to malnutrition, the 4 tigers were blind in both eyes from cataracts and Petey the lion had cellulites. Within 2 months, all 4 tigers had cataract surgery to restore their eye sight & Petey had surgery to remove the scar tissue. In September, the USDA closed Water Wheel Exotics due to abuse & neglect. All seven are doing well now although they will never reach full size, hence the name "Munchkins". A beautiful permanent enclosure was built for the Munchkins with trees, climbing tower & lots of room to run.

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