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Adopt a Cat
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Price: $1,500.00
Prod. Code: AC$

All of our exotic felines have specialized needs and you can help one of them through adoption!  While you can't take the cat home, your gift of $1,500 will go toward meeting the needs of your adopted cat.  You will receive an 8 x 10 photo of your adopted cat, a certificate of adoption and 6 passes to the EFRC.  You can select a species of cat to adopt or a specific cat by name at checkout. 

The cats in this photo are "Max & Kisa".

Consider giving an EFRC adoption as a gift.  The lucky recipient will love the surprise of opening a card with a photo of their favorite feline and all of the benefits that go with it!

The EFRC is a 501c(3) organization.  All gifts to the EFRC are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.