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Our cats receive dental help

Apr 20, 2011

We have a large and aging population of 225 big cats coming mostly from abusive and neglectful backgrounds. Our most difficult medical challenge is dental. Until now many problems like broken teeth have gone untreated until they became visually symptomatic i.e. facial swelling, draining tract etc.

We did not know the extent of the dental problems until the arrival of the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation “Veterinary Dentists without Borders”. This is a team of veterinary dentists with the experience and dedication to help animals in need of dental care. They provide their services free of charge to nonprofit sanctuaries and other nonprofit organizations with limited income. A team of 11 veterinarians and 2 vet techs arrived on Saturday morning March 26th and after organizing their massive supplies set to work on the first two cats, Brumby a black leopard and Goldie an 18 year old former circus tiger. While Brumby’s broken canine was an “easy root canal” all of the other cats required several hours of treatment.

The first day ended at 7:00 pm with 4 cats (1 leopard, 1 puma and 2 tigers) being treated. Day two began with the plan of working on 4 cats but because of the extent of the problems they had to stop with 2 tigers, pack up their supplies and equipment and leave. These animals mask symptoms and often it is difficult to tell when they are not feeling well. But, there is no mistaking when they feel better and these cats do.

The PEIVDF doctors with the assistance of a team of veterinarians from the University of Illinois, who provided the anesthesia including the large animal machines and Dr. Fred Froderman, our local veterinarian, were able to treat 6 cats. A total of 13 root canals therapies, 16 extractions, 2 biopsies of some gum tissue and 1 tumor were performed over the weekend.

We sincerely thank this truly amazing team of veterinary doctors and their support staff.
Thank you PEVIDF doctors:
Steven Holmstrom, DVM, DAVDC
Clarence Sitzman, DVM DAVDC
Edward R. Eisner, DVM, DAVDC
Barron Hall, DVM, DAVDC, FAVD
Matt Lemmons, DVM
Curt Ritchie, DVM
Deborah Hodesson, DVM
Brian Hewitt, DVM
Robert M. Baratt, DVM, FAVD
Sandy Manfra-Marretta, DVM
Kathy Pershing, CVT
Trudy Howerter, CVT

Please include name and address of honoree in special instructions so we know who to contact about your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for your continued support!

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