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January 2014 E-News

Jan 1, 2014


We want to send a big THANK YOU Roar to the LeGore Girls and Boys Club in Indianapolis. Their Torah Club, a service and leadership club, raised $1500.00 to sponsor Sahib, our Golden Tabby tiger. Brooklin, Mariah, Jennifer, Auden, Lillian, Adriannanh, Kelsie and Trinity will deliver their donation and tour the center shortly. These 11-12 year-olds demonstrate that age or circumstances should never hinder one from helping in any way they can. Without such wonderful supporters we could not continue our mission to save the BIG CATS. Again, THANK YOU to the LeGore Torah Club!

Following is a list of our 2014 special events. We hope our supporters can attend one or all events to continue their amazing support of the EFRC.

January 25: Please join us at the Palomino Ballroom in Zionsville for the 7th Annual Saving the Big Cats Charity Auction.

April 12: Enjoy the Spring Fling at the EFRC. Watch the rescue center come to life during the Spring Fling.

May 10: All walkers and runners will enjoy our 5K Run Thru the Jungle.

June 21 and August 16: For those 21 and older, experience Evening Roar. There will be an after-hours extended tour along with hor d’oeuvres and adult beverages.

July 9 and 16: Make sure to register your 8-11 year-old child for Camp ROAR.

July 19: Bring the family and join us for Summer Safari at the EFRC.

August ??? Date to be announced. If you own a motorcycle, be sure to join our Rescue Ride. Enjoy a day of riding from Indianapolis to the rescue center.

September 20: Fall Fest-Enjoy an extended tour along with a bonfire, weenie and marshmallow roast.

October 5: Join us for our second Boomer Ball Bash in Bloomington, Indiana.

November 1: Make the drive to the EFRC for our annual Pumpkin Party.

December ???: Date to be announced for our Winter Wonderland event.
Look to our website for further information about each event.

Ann Hedderick has been volunteering at the EFRC since March 2006. After visiting earlier that year and hearing the heartbreaking stories of the cats, she decided she would devote her time and energy to the rescue center. Her duties at the center have evolved over time. Beginning as a tour guide, she now assists with special events, takes photographs and organizes the Saving the Big Cats Charity Auction and the Boomer Ball Bash. Ann’s favorite memory from her time at the center is bonding with three lions; King, Jasmine and Lauren. To bond with a lion takes time and effort and Ann was willing to wait five long years. We thank Ann for her endless volunteer hours spent at the rescue center. Without her we could not share our mission of rescuing the big cats. THANKS ANN!!!

Bailey, the smallest of the five cubs, continues to entertain everyone who comes to visit because she is the most vocal cub of the five. She is also the most spoiled of the five. Melanie Bowlin, a longtime volunteer at the rescue center named Bailey after her beloved gray tabby that passed away over two years ago. Melanie’s Bailey loved everyone and wanted to play 24/7 so the name fits our smallest tiger cub to a tee. Bailey has not met a stranger and cannot wait to play with her sisters. During your next visit, take the time to watch the five girls enjoying life.

We would like to introduce are two most recent rescues; Zoe, a female puma and Simba, a male serval. Because of the changes in Ohio laws regarding ownership of exotic animals, Zoe and Simba’s owners had to find a new home for their felines. Both cats come from loving homes and their owners miss them very much. Making them feel safe and secure is now our responsibility and a responsibility we are honored to have. Currently, Zoe and Simba are not on the public tour.

Please include name and address of honoree in special instructions so we know who to contact about your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for your continued support!

2221 E. Ashboro Road, Center Point, IN 47840
(812) 835-1130.
Open  10-5   Daily 
$10/adults   $5/children 12 & under
Guests are NOT permitted to touch, pet or interact with EFRC cats