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E-News February 2015

Feb 4, 2015


We hope to see our EFRC supporters at the second annual Dinner in the Penthouse at the elegant Courses Restaurant on April 9. The cost is $100.00 per person. You will enjoy appetizers, food and wine along with music by Greg Duncan and Tom Wright. Click on the link for further information.

We want to thank everyone for attending our 8th annual Saving the Big Cats Charity Auction. It was a fun-filled afternoon of eating, drinking and bidding. Our supporters came through as they always do by giving as much as they could towards our mission. Click on the link for event photos.

Dakota, female lynx, resides on the public tour. Many guests mistake Dakota for a bobcat but tour guides quickly explain the differences between the two types of cats. Visitors always comment on how cute Dakota is and she is cute. Fluffy and cute! If she’s in the mood she will come to the fence but most of the time, she lays up on her shelf and sleeps. We hope everyone takes time to visit with Dakota during their tour and please don’t say she’s a bobcat. She’s so tired of hearing that. Click on the link to see Stephen McCloud’s wonderful photos of Dakota.

As many of our visitors have learned, the rescue center has an amazing staff that does a wonderful job of taking care of the resident felines. But the rescue center could not survive without the volunteers that give their time and energy to the running of the center. Many visitors will tell their tour guide that they would love to volunteer at the center but unfortunately we still do not have as many volunteers as we need. When asking current volunteers why they spend their off-days at the center, one hears the following responses:
   I build relationships with the cats and the EFRC staff.
   I can share the plight of captive big cats with our visitors.
   I love watching the cats live the happy life they deserve.
   After a hard week of working, I can come to the rescue center and see the beautiful cats.
   It humbles me to be around such amazing animals.
   I am reminded that the good in this world always outweighs the bad when I am at the center.
   I want to help the hardworking EFRC staff.
I want the cats to see that there are good people out there who want the best for them because they have experienced so much heartache in the past.   I
The staff and volunteers want to encourage everyone to take the time to visit the center and then attend one of our volunteer trainings. You will not be disappointed with your experience.

A question that tour guides hear often is, “Where do the cats come from?” Our cats come from all over the United States. We have rescued cats from as far away as California and New York and as close as Green County, Indiana. We go where we are needed and distance does not matter if we commit to rescuing a cat. During your EFRC tour, the tour guide will explain what state the cat comes from and why it has come to the rescue center.

Please include name and address of honoree in special instructions so we know who to contact about your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for your continued support!

2221 E. Ashboro Road, Center Point, IN 47840
(812) 835-1130.
Open  10-5   Daily 
$10/adults   $5/children 12 & under
Guests are NOT permitted to touch, pet or interact with EFRC cats